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Tapahtumassa pääset tutustumaan euroopan palkittuihin viineihin, viinitalojen edustajien ja omistajien saattelemana. 

Wine Festillä mukana:

THÖRLE - Christoph Thörle, Rheinhessen, Saksa.

SUMARROCA - Marc Picon, Espanja.

MATTHIAS GAUL - Tobias Müller, Saksa.

MEDICI ERMETE - MONTRESOR – Pierluigi Ferrari, Lambrusco reggio Emilia, Italia.

TORRACCIA DEL PIANTAVIGNA – Alessandro Guagliarti, Italia.

ÁNGEL LAYOS - Michelin tähti Sommelier.


Christoph Thörle
Thörle, Rheinhessen, Saksa

"The Thörle Estate dates back to the 16th century. The Thörle family owns excellent parcels in Saulheim’s Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyard sites with a large diversity of terroir. Since 2006, the fortunes of the wine estate have been in the hands of the next generation in the form of Johannes and Christoph Thörle, who manage the winery with innovative skill and set the estate’s focus more on the traditional varietals Riesling and Pinot Noir. The Thörle brothers obtain their distinctive, mineral Riesling and delicate Pinot Noir from the characteristically calcareous limestone-soils of Saulheim’s single vineyards Hölle, Schlossberg and Probstey.


In recent years, the brothers gained a great deal of praise for their individual approach to vinification and pressing techniques. In order to ensure the maximum extraction from the grapes, the Thörle apply mash retention times to white grapes and use the estate’s own yeast for the fermentation process instead of resorting to pure-cultured yeast from the lab. The resulting wines are full of character – they possess a depth of flavor and boast a high potential for maturing.


Today, the Thörle estate ranks among the best producers in Rheinhessen. Because of hard work and being stubbornly quality focused, Thörle wines receive a lot of accolades, but complacency is taboo. With every vintage, the Thörles are ever striving to be better than before."


Weingut Thörle sijaitsee Saulheimin kukkuloilla Rheinhessenissä. Alueella on tuotettu viiniä satoja vuosia ja Thörlen perhe möi rypäleet lähinnä muille tuottajille vuoteen 1985 saakka. Tämän jälkeen pojat Christoph ja Johannes ottivat vastuun perheyrityksestä ja alkoivat pullottaa viiniä Thörle-tuotemerkillä. Veljesten visio oli selkeä alusta lähtien - tuottaa parasta mahdollista viiniä Saulheimin alueelta.


Marc Picon Malivern
Sumarroca, Espanja

Marc Picon was born in 1981 in Vilafranca del Penedes, a small village close to Barcelona in Spain.


Since he was a child he has been surrounded by the grapes and wine atmosphere. His mother, Lidia, was one of the first female wine makers in the region and transmitted all her knowledge and passion to her son.


After obtaining his degree in Economics at the Politecnic University of Catalonia, he met a marketing wine Guru, called Michel Bourqui, who offered Marc the possibility of being part of a really special masters degree- the OIV masters degree in wine management. Marc travelled for 18 month around the world, just to visit the best wine regions on the earth. In total- 23 countries and more than 600 wineries.


After 15 days in Champagne, Marc decided to come back home for a week. It was during this week when he met the family Sumarroca. That day Marc invited his father to lunch and he chose of Sumarroca cavas Nuria Claverol, one of the most interesting wines produced by Sumarroca. He was really impressed with the quality and style and he started to talk about it. Just behind, one of the members of the Family was listening to the comments Marc was saying about the wine. After some minutes, introduced himself as one of the owners and invited him to visit the winery. Ten years later, he is the export manager of the winery.

Tobias Muller – Matthias gaul1.jpg

Tobias Müller
Saksa, Matthias Gaulin viinintekijä ja Sauna rosén luoja.

Tobias Müller, Mathias Gaul

Born in Pfalz 1984, family was working in the wine business for 12 centuries. After school did three years education to become a winemaker and got a chance to study Oenology for ten semesters.

Müller has worked in France at Guigal (cote du Rhône), South Africa at Laibach (stellenbosch) and Austria at Michi Wenzel (Burgenland). After working in different countries, he returned home to Germany and worked four years as an flying winemaker, while consulting mostly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and in Romania and the US.

He then took over the concept winery chat Sauvage in Rheingau region and six years ago took over Matthias Gaul in his home region of Pfalz Germany.

Pierluigi Ferrari - Medici Ermete.jpg

Pierluigi Ferrari. 
Montresor ja Ermete Medici viinitalojen edustaja.

Pierluigi was born in Valpolicella, Verona, in a family of wine producer and wine lovers. After completing his Master Degree in Law he joined the “Italian Association of Sommelier” and the “Wine & Spirit Education Trust”. 

His passion for wines led him in 2013 to join a wine importer specialized in Italian wine in Singapore where he lived for 4 years. In 2015 become Asia Area Manager for one of the greatest wine producers of north-east of Italy.

From October 2017 Pierluigi has joined Medici Ermete and Cevico Group with the role of export manager looking after Europe markets

Alessandro Guagliardi. - Some.jpg

Alessandro Guagliardi.
Arvostetut italian punaviinit, Nebbiolosta.

Alessandro Guagliardi, lover of wine for a very long time, after graduation he entered the world of work in totally different sectors, but is now more than 15 years that he has transferred his passion for wines, in his work.

He is proud to make known the quality of Italian wines in the world, and in particular wines from wine-growing areas, considered as still little-known gems.

L’alto Piemonte with its historic Nebbiolo grape-based wines (Ghemme DOCG and Gattinara DOCG), but also the easier approach wines (red and Rosè) always based on Nebbiolo grapes, are certainly a unique example, and Alessandro can't wait to be able to illustrate them telling the story of particular area of Alto Piemonte, in a tasting that you can do with him.

Angel Layos.jpg

Ángel Layos.
Michelin tähti Sommelier.

Ángel Layos on Madridista kotoisin oleva sommelier ja ravintola-alan ammattilainen, joka on tehnyt nimensä tunnetuksi suomalaisten viiniasiantuntijoiden piireissä. Hän on työskennellyt Michelin tähden alaisuudessa jo vuosien ajan, esitellen toinen toistaan upeampien viinien parhaimpia piirteitä. Ángelin ”paletti” tuntee vanhan maailman historian ja tunnistaa uuden maailman salaisuudet. Jokaisella viinillä on tarinansa ja on vaikea löytää kiehtovampaa kertojaa näille tarinoille.

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